How to make unique ringtone for your iPhone


How to make unique ringtone for your iPhone iPhone is so popular, and there are many ringtones for iPhone, have you ever thought of making unique one by yourself? Macsome Audio Editor ( can produce the ringtone for iPhone by one-click and crop audio, fade in or fade out audio, delete/ copy/ cut/ paste the selected fragment to make the unique ringtone for your iPhone. Only make sure that the time of fragment is not more than 40 seconds, and you can keep your favorite clips and efficient generation m4r unique iPhone ring tones. Please follow the next step-by-step guide to make your own ringtone for iPhone.

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GPS Tracking for Hikers


Activities such as camping or hiking can be rather dangerous, especially in uncharted areas. Newcomers in this field who do not have someone with experience to watch over them can also succumb to various challenges and injure themselves badly. Aside from this nature can also be very unpredictable and you can never tell when a sudden storm will completely throw you off your track.

It is dangers and risks like this that have created the need for products that provide safety but do not interfere with the actual sport. If you are a camper or hiker and you like to tackle the back woods of every mountain you possibly can, it is best to never go on your adventure without having a GPS. There are a lot of these devices out there but units such as the WorldTracker GPRS Extreme are known to be a best-buy option and relatively affordable. This gives you the ability to know where you are at all times so that you can get back on track should something throw you off course. Aside from this it is also very important to note that friends and family at home can also track your progress. Thus, if something bad were to happen to you rescue teams could easily find you! Continue reading

How to Choose Best Airline Seats

Best Airline Seat

1. Choosing at Booking: It might sound like a blatant first step, but numerous airlines let you to buy a ticket without choosing particular specific seat. While several airlines don’t let you to choose seats at booking, most give a chance to view the seat map at booking, letting you to just click on the available seat for confirming it beforehand.

2. Stay Away from the Middle: If the airline gives an option of advance seat selection, try choosing an aisle or a window seat. Typically, middle seats are the most uncomfortable. Besides, larger “wide-body” aircraft provide middle seats within the middle area — some even have 5 seats within the middle section, causing it very hard to get out of the middle seat. If there’s a passenger within 1 of these seats, it is safe to guess that they booked too late, or didn’t choose a seat at all till they reached at the airport. Try booking as early as possible, so you can avoid the uncomfortable middle seat. Continue reading

Dibajak dan Menghidupkan Kembali Personal BLog

Hello teman-teman semua..

Apa kabar semuanya? semoga baik-baik saja dan sukses selalu. Sudah lama sekali rasanya tidak menyapa dunia maya melalui blog ini, kalau dikira-kira sudah hampir setahun lamanya tidak ada post terbaru dari blog ini bahkan blognya saja hampir tidak kelihatan lagi dan tidak muncul di ranah pencarian Google. Ya, semua ini terjadi karena kemalasan untuk mengupdate blog akibat kesibukan (alasan klise) dan kesalahan yang terjadi hostingan lama yang mengakibatkan blog saya dibajak serta semua database & file didalamnya turut rusak tidak terselamatkan (kejamnya cracker)

Dibajak? kok bisa? bukan karena ikut-ikutan tren topik pembajakan yang lagi hangat pada pesawat MH370 (semoga segera ditemukan), ini merupakan pembajakan didunia maya yaitu cracker yang saya tahu dari ip address Turki mengambil alih blog saya dan dengan bangganya dia memasang bendera Turki di homepage. Sialnya lagi, saya lupa untuk melakukan backup file dan database pada blog tersebut, alhasih yang tersisa cuma domain yang masih bisa digunakan.

Untuk melanjutkan eksistensi di dunia maya maka saya harus berupaya melanjutkan blog kembali eksis walaupun harus mengulang dari nol kembali setelah database dan postingan lama tidak ada yang tersisa lagi, semoga dengan blog baru, tampilan baru, hostingan baru namun domain lama saya bisa terus konsisten untuk ngeblog dan berinteraksi kembali dengan teman-teman blogger. Dulu di blog yang lama kebanyakan tema postingan adalah random dan kini di blog baru saya ingin mempersempit tema yang dibahas di blog pada tema-tema seperti travelling, technology dan humaniora.

Salam blogger dan sukses selalu!! :D